MST035 Bondable Terminal

MST-035 Bondable Terminal | Width .020 in. | Length .035 in. | Thickness .007 in.

MST-035 Bondable Terminal Width: .020 in. | Length: .035 in. | Thickness: .007 in.
Micron’s Bondable Terminals are specially designed for use in strain gage circuits. They are manufactured from 0.14 thick copper clad epoxy glass. The epoxy glass insures superior electrical insulation while remaining flexible, strong and capable of high temperatures up to 275° F
What are Bondable Terminals?


Downlaod Document Bondable Terminal Pads

Bondable Solder Terminal Preparation and Installation Instructions.
MST-035 Strip
MST-035 Strip
MST-035 Bondable Terminal Strip of 75
U.S. Price: $3.15
MST035 Box
MST-035 Box
MST-035 Bondable Terminals (Box of 525)
U.S. Price: $22.00