COVID -19 News

March 23, 2020 

Dear Valued Customer, 
Like all of you, we are well aware of the evolving COVID-19 threat. 

At all of our Piezo-Metrics companies – Micron Instruments, Micron Meters, and Senso-Metrics – the number one priority is the safety of our employees and their families. We are fully complying with all Federal, State, and Local COVID-19 mandates, and have implemented stringent workplace practices to reduce the chances of infections getting into any of our facilities.
Like many of you, we have shelter-in-place/stay-at-home orders impacting our operations.  Noting this, we will continue to perform all mission essential activities, and take all protective measures prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) to protect our workforce and families, and remain in compliance with local laws.
Piezo-Metrics and Senso-Metrics are suppliers to the U.S. Defense Industrial Base, which is part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, and which includes, without limitations, defense, aerospace and manufacturing for the Department of Defense, NASA and other government agencies.
Piezo-Metrics also supplies sensors used in laboratory and diagnostic testing systems, ventilators, infusion pumps and pharmaceutical compounding systems, for medical device companies.  The White House recently declared that companies involved in the supply of these healthcare services have a special responsibility to maintain operations.   As a result, continued operation of Piezo-Metrics is considered essential to the continued operation of the U.S. health care system at this critical time. I have provided letters of permission for each and all of our employees to report to their workplace as Essential Personnel.
As of this date, our staff is slightly reduced, but we continue to operate in our production facilities – subject to our stringent workplace practices - on a full-time basis, and hope to continue to do so. The delivery dates on our quotations, proposals, and sales orders assume existing operating conditions. However, our situation could change quickly

Robert (Bob) Mueller
President and General Manager