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Transducers mV | Pressure + Temperature | Flush & Thread Mount

mV Pressure Transducer
Semiconductor pressure sensors that convert an applied pressure into voltage signals. Available as either constant current or voltage.
mA 4~20 Pressure Transmitter
Flush mount pressure sensors that convert an applied pressure into an output signal of 4 mA at zero applied pressure and 20 mA at full scale pressure. This is accomplished through a miniature signal conditioning circuit integral to the sensor body.
Dual Sensor Models (Pressure and Temperature)
Units have a high-precision semiconductor temperature sensor attached to the sensing diaphragm to give temperature readings at the site of the pressure measurement. Available in both mV and mA outputs.
These transducers and transmitters are made of corrosive resistant *titanium (6AL4V). They utilize high reliability bulk type semiconductor strain gages bonded directly to the inside surface of the machined diaphragm.
* Note: MP49 Low cost model uses a sensing head that is machined out of 17-4PH corrosive resistant steel with a Brass Body.
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