Strain Gage Solutions

Micron Instruments Semiconductor Strain Gages are micro machined from a solid single grown crystal of "P" doped Silicon. This results in a two terminal resistive device that has a minimum of molecular slippages or dislocations permitting repeatable use to high strain levels.

Standard Semiconductor UN-Backed Strain Gages are made from "P" doped bulk silicon. They have no P/N junction. The Silicon is etched to shape, eliminating the potential for molecular dislocation or cracks, thereby optimizing performance.

Standard gages are available in three shapes: "Bar", "U", and "M"

Micron Instruments Standard UnBacked Strain Gages"BAR" gages have electrical leads exiting the part from both ends.
It is the gage of preference when cost needs to be minimum. 

"U" gages are two parallel bar gages in series. This gage is physically and electrically connected on one end with the electrical leads exiting the other end in the same direction.
They are about 25 % more expensive than the bar gage.

"M" gages are four parallel bar gages or two parallel "U" gages with the electrical leads exiting in the same direction.  Cost is twice that of the bar gage.

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What is Thermal Matching?

Micron Instruments Backed Semiconductor Strain GagesBacked Semiconductor Strain Gages are mounted on a flexible insulated circuit with versatile solder pads makes them easy to install. They can be bent without hurting the gage and will perform like a foil gage except that the sensitivity change is 50 to 75 times greater.

The gage and gold wires are over-coated to seal out moisture and to provide additional protection of the gage during the application process.

On load cells and foil bridges these gages can be used as a linearity corrector. A non-linearity of 0.125 % FS can be corrected to less than .05 % of full scale. Long-term stability is not compromised.

Backed gages are suggested for use in prototyping for proof of concept and for transient or high frequency measurements.

Backed gages are available in two styles: Backed "Bar", and Backed "U"

Micron Instruments Backed Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge Semiconductor Strain GagesBacked Semiconductor Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge Strain Gages are a range of semiconductor backed bridged strain gages. The gages are installed on a flexible insulated circuit with easy to solder pads which can be bent without hurting the gage and will perform like a foil gage except that the resistive change is 30 to 55 times greater.

Our Half-Bridge Backed Gages are constructed using two thermally matched gages bonded onto a backing which allows them to track each other. When used as one side of the bridge, they compensate each other thermally even when bonded since they both see the same thermal expansion and temperature. When both gages have a gage factor (GF) of 140 the transverse gage will normally see the Poisson’s effect, which for most steels is 0.3. This reduces the transverse gage factor to 42. The average GF for the half bridge would be 91.
Our Full-Bridge Backed Gages are constructed using four thermally matched gages bonded to a backing.

Backed bridged gages are available in three styles: Bending, Load and Torque

Semiconductor Strain Gages - Standard UN-Backed  "BAR"  "U"  "M"

Standard UN-Backed "BAR" Gage Data Sheet with Drawings

Standard UN-Backed "U" & "M" Gage Data Sheet with Drawings

Semiconductor Strain Gages - Standard Backed "BAR"  "U"  "M"

Standard Backed "BAR"  "U"  "M" Gage Data Sheet with Drawings

Semiconductor Strain Gages - Backed Half & Full Bridge

Data Sheet Covers the following gage configurations: Bending, Load, Torque

Standard Backed Half & Full Bridge Gages Data Sheet with Drawings

Semiconductor Strain Gages - Custom Gages and Sensors

  Semiconductor Temperature Sensing Element

Micron’s customer base includes aerospace companies, rocket motor manufacturers, robotics and industrial control companies, sensor manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, major U.S. defense contractors, and sub-contractors for all of these industry categories. Micron has a diverse experience in severe environment applications to include measurement and control devices for spacecraft, satellites, and military aircraft; embedded bond stress, bore strain, and temperature sensors for tactical and strategic (e.g., Minuteman III) rocket motors; and missile environmental monitoring. 
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Micron Instruments has already worked with innovative companies on optimal selection, placement, and processing of semiconductor strain gages for high frequency, high pressure, and high-temperature applications. If you’d like to discuss your application or design, please contact us for a free, confidential consultation either by email using our Contact Us Form or phone (805-522-4676).