Strain Gage Services

Professional Semiconductor Strain Gage Installation

Micron Instruments is not only the leading manufacturer of semiconductor strain gages in the United States, it is also known worldwide for their ability to install semiconductor strain gages on components of all shapes, sizes and materials. Our senior gage installer has over 40 years of experience in gage installation and is responsible for training our in-house installers and if required our customers technicians. Our gage installation facility is a controlled environment and our trained technicians are experienced in component handling, briefed on project confidentially and receive continuing education on application methods.

We routinely gage components for

  • Torque, Load and Bending Applications
  • High and Low Temperature Applications
  • Medical, Aeronautical and Industrial Applications
  • Custom designed components requiring multiple gages
  • Harsh conditions including submerged sensors
  • Components requiring Quarter, Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge Gages
Semiconductor Gaging Team