Micron Instruments High Temperature Semiconductor Sensors


  1. Precision Temperature Measurement
    • Micron Instruments is best known for its world-class semiconductor strain gages and pressure transducers. Micron also sells an extremely small and highly accurate semiconductor temperature sensing element made from the same materials but doped differently than the strain gage. As such, the semiconductor temperature sensing element offers many of the compelling benefits as the semiconductor strain gage.

      The ST-037-022-5000N is a Silicon Semiconductor "N"-doped bulk type Temperature Sensing Element that develops a large resistive change with temperature. This thermo-resistive device is etched from a solid piece of doped material and has a minimum of molecular slippages and/or dislocations resulting in a highly reliable device. When used as recommended, a signal resolvable to 0.001° F is possible.
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  2. High Frequency, High Pressure and High Temperature Semiconductor Strain Gage Sensors
    • There are many applications where high frequency pressure at high temperatures is required.

      One application would be testing and tuning jet aircraft engines to optimize performance and quickly detect any deleterious harmonics that could cause rapid engine failure.
      Another application would be down-hole oil measurement detecting sudden high pressure or excessive pressure oscillation. Such sensors would provide unattended, early failure warning, and could be designed into a system to automatically detect anomalies and gracefully shut down the sub-system at risk before it destroys itself or blows out the well. When integrated as a wireless sensor, it could also autonomically provide alert and alarm notifications.

      High frequency, high pressure, high temperature strain gages could also be used as wind tunnel skin friction sensors. Exploiting the high gage factor in semiconductor strain gages makes it easier to design for higher frequencies, and the high temperature gages makes the sensor especially useful for wind tunnel ultrasonic and hypersonic wind skin friction measurements. Data from such a sensor leads to designs that minimize friction and optimize performance.
      There are many other applications requiring flush mounting and high temperature sensors, but some would not require high frequency. One would be high temperature injection molding.
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