Semiconductor Strain Sensors in Space


Micron’s customer base includes aerospace companies, rocket motor manufacturers, robotics and industrial control companies, sensor manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, major U.S. defense contractors, and sub-contractors for all of these industry categories. Micron has a diverse experience in severe environment applications to include measurement and control devices for spacecraft, satellites, and military aircraft; embedded bond stress, bore strain, and temperature sensors for tactical and strategic (e.g., Minuteman III) rocket motors; and missile environmental monitoring.

Reference Articles

  1. Semiconductor Strain Gage Applications to Skin Friction Sensors for High-Speed Aerospace Testing.
    • Semiconductor Strain Gages (SSGs) are used in a variety of force and temperature measurement systems when the requirements include any or all of high sensitivity, fast response time, high impedance, small physical size, and long-term mean time between failures (MTBF). An ideal example is the application of SSGs to meet the rigorous requirements for skin friction sensors used for high-speed aerospace testing. This paper explains how Ahmic leveraged the benefits of SSGs to create a state-of-the-art sensor for high-speed aerospace testing.
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  2. Precision Temperature Measurement
    • Micron Instruments is best known for its world-class semiconductor strain gages and pressure transducers. Micron also sells an extremely small and highly accurate semiconductor temperature sensing element made from the same materials but doped differently than the strain gage. As such, the semiconductor temperature sensing element offers many of the compelling benefits as the semiconductor strain gage.

      The ST-037-022-5000N is a Silicon Semiconductor "N"-doped bulk type Temperature Sensing Element that develops a large resistive change with temperature. This thermo-resistive device is etched from a solid piece of doped material and has a minimum of molecular slippages and/or dislocations resulting in a highly reliable device. When used as recommended, a signal resolvable to 0.001° F is possible.
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Micron Instruments has already worked with innovative companies on optimal selection, placement, and processing of semiconductor strain gages and temperature devices for high frequency, high pressure, and high-temperature applications. If you’d like to discuss your application or design, please contact us for a free, confidential consultation either by email using our Contact Us Form or phone (805-522-4676)