Robotics & Precision Control Solutions using Micron Instruments Semicondcutor Strain Gages


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  1. Enabling High-Precision, High-Reliability Sensors for Industrial Automation
    • Micron Instruments has been the leading manufacturer of semiconductor strain gages (SSGs) for over 30 years. Micron’s SSGs serve as a critical component in precision nano-meter microscopy products; implanted medical devices for cardio, neurological, and spinal patients; prosthetic devices for amputees; structural measurement devices; load cells; both extreme low temperature (deep space applications) and high temperature (industrial boilers); advanced power devices for space exploration; aerodynamic test and measurement; and rocket motor monitoring for safety and condition-based maintenance.

      That said, Micron’s largest and fastest growing market segment is Industrial Automation and Robotics. In this paper, we’ll overview SSGs and then present video clips from several of our key customers on how SSGs enable the high precision and repeat-ability required for the advanced force torque sensors driving the robotics explosion.
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  2. Compelling Benefits of Micron Instruments’ Semiconductor Strain Gages
    • Micron Instruments’ Semiconductor Strain Gages vs. Metal-Foil Gages
      Perhaps the most popular strain gage is the foil-type gage, produced by photo-etching techniques, and using similar metals to the wire types (alloys of copper-nickel, nickel-chromium, nickel-iron, platinum-tungsten, etc. Foil gages are considerably less expensive than semiconductor gages, and can be useful in less demanding applications.

      However, Micron Instruments’ Semiconductor Strain Gages offer significant benefits that make them the obvious choice for a diversity of applications, including medical, industrial, robotic, precision instruments, infrastructure, aerospace, and defense applications.

      Here are some of the most compelling benefits of Micron Instruments’ Semiconductor Strain Gages.
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Force Torque Sensors for Industrial Automation

Most robotic applications require a multi-axis or 6-axis force torque sensor to give feedback to the robot. This gives the robot a sense of “feel”. The 6 axis configuration allows force to be measured and controlled in three dimensions and two directions. The force from each axis is measured using strain gages, typically organized into a Wheatstone bridge.

Micron Instruments has already worked with innovative companies on optimal selection, placement, and processing of semiconductor strain gages for high frequency, high pressure, and high-temperature applications. If you’d like to discuss your application or design, please contact us for a free, confidential consultation either by email using our Contact Us Form or phone (805-522-4676).