Industrial Automation Solutions using Micron Instruments Semiconductor Strain Gages


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  1. Enabling High-Precision, High-Reliability Sensors for Industrial Automation
    • Micron Instruments has been the leading manufacturer of semiconductor strain gages (SSGs) for over 30 years. Micron’s SSGs serve as a critical component in precision nano-meter microscopy products; implanted medical devices for cardio, neurological, and spinal patients; prosthetic devices for amputees; structural measurement devices; load cells; both extreme low temperature (deep space applications) and high temperature (industrial boilers); advanced power devices for space exploration; aerodynamic test and measurement; and rocket motor monitoring for safety and condition-based maintenance.

      That said, Micron’s largest and fastest growing market segment is Industrial Automation and Robotics. In this paper, we’ll overview SSGs and then present video clips from several of our key customers on how SSGs enable the high precision and repeat-ability required for the advanced force torque sensors driving the robotics explosion.
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  2. Automating Large Autoclaves for Complex Parts
    • Micron Instruments has been a leader in design and manufacturing of high-precision semiconductor strain gages. The benefits of semiconductor strain gages are discussed in Compelling Benefits or Micron Instruments Semiconductor Strain Gages. With wireless sensing rapidly becoming the data acquisition method of choice, Micron Instruments is also creating a new line of strain gages that are especially effective in passive wireless implementations.

      In this paper we discuss the automation of autoclaves for precise processing of complex parts and show how the judicious use of Micron Instruments’ sensors can lead to much higher production efficiency.
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